Eddie Allen's Personal Guarantee

I recently added this page to my website, but the truth is that consumers were always free to voice any concerns they may have had with my product or service. The fact is that to date, nobody has ever complained to me about their purchase or asked for a refund, and my feedback rating on ebay is 100% with over 540 positive feedback comments since 1998. Check out my ebay accounts "hauntedmemories" and "fascinator" for proof.


Rest assured that if you are not satisfied with your product, I will work closely with you to resolve the issue. It may be in the form of an exchange or it may be a full refund of your purchase price, but one way or another, I will do my best to see to your satisfaction. Just call me at 562-810-5317 within five days of receiving your purchase and we can discuss it. (Please note that the initial shipping fee is refundable, but the return shipping is not).

My changing portraits are priced a little higher than others because they are made with high-quality materials and they feature my unique artistic vision. My changing portraits are also much more rare. I don't have anyone helping me make these, and they are not mass-produced overseas. Only one person in the world makes "Haunted Memories Changing Portraits" - and that's me, Eddie Allen. So you're getting something very unique which I take great pride in producing. I received professional training and I have several years of experience working in this medium - and it shows in my creations!

I also take pride in the fact that I was the first to create a successful line of spooky changing portraits based on digitally manipulated antique photographs. No other changing portrait company featuring spooky antique photos existed before mine, so for what it's worth, you'd be getting an ORIGINAL and not an imitation - and I think that's a valuable thing, as well!


I pride myself on being honest with my customers. I work very hard to give my customers all the information
they will need BEFOREHAND so that they can feel secure about the quality of my work.

You'll never catch me hiding behind fancy flash animations that are not representative of the finished product. I proudly provide you with ACTUAL VIDEO EVIDENCE of how my finished portraits change. While the quality of my clips is low (to save bandwith), it is more than clear enough to see the changes, and that's what counts. The most common reaction people have upon receiving my work is that it looks even better in person and that the website alone cannot do them justice. With this type of artwork, that is very true. So rest assured that if you like it on-line, you'll love it in person!


The vast majority of my customer feedback is from PAYING CUSTOMERS. I feel that it's important to know if a feedback quote comes from friends, relatives, co-workers, employers, employees, or beneficiaries of free examples. It really does make a difference. (After all, nobody who's been given a free portrait is going to respond with an unfavorable review - and if they did, you can bet that it wouldn't get posted on-line!). I have proof of the veracity of all my customer feedback quotes and I take this issue very seriously. (You should, as well!)

If you ever read a feedback quote on another website that is unfavorable to me, please tell me about it and I will try to put it in perspective for you. Send me an e-mail to and put "FEEDBACK QUESTION" in the title. Be sure to include the complete quote, the author, and where exactly you saw it posted. I will answer those e-mails as time permits. Thanks!

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