I have received so many wonderful compliments from my previous customers and I have compiled them for you to read. Comments prior to April 2004 are still in the mailbox and I will find and post them as time allows. While a few of these quotes are from people who received donations, the vast majority of them are from very satisfied PAYING customers. Those people trusted me with their hard-earned cash and I am proud to show that I served them well. While I do not give out their last names or other sensitive information, believe me when I say that every quote on here is 100% REAL. I have plenty proof to show this if it were ever necessary.

Two Quotes From "Chris R."

September 30th, 2004

"Hey there,
I have seen your portraits before and saw them again tonight on ebay. You have done an awesome job with these.. I LOVE THEM ! I have bookmarked your site and will definately keep an eye on it... great video clips.. awesome again."

October 19th, 2004

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I sent a customer your way. His Name is Rudy ________, in Sweden. He placed quite a large order with me for a custom job this year and will be a repeat customer of mine I am sure. I am passing your info on to him because he specifically asked about changing portraits and I feel yours are the best. (Highlights added) Rudy is all about high quality and does not have a problem paying for it. I believe he may have some sort of attraction, not quite sure, but this guy only wants the best. Im (sic) not sure how long your pieces take to ship so I will let you know that he may email you asking a lot of questions .You just have to make sure to communicate with him well because sometimes his emails may be hard to understand. As long as he understands what you are trying to tell him he is fine. It is not that he is pestering, its just that he likes to understand what he is spening his money on and his english needs a bit of polishing.

I hope your season is going as good as mine, keep up the good work."

-Chris R.

(For the record, Chris never did end up purchasing any of my work, but he did give me this great referral. His referred customer Rudy ended up placing an order for TWELVE of my 16x20 Portraits - and he was very pleased with them! His quote is shown next, but I had to correct some of his English spelling. I did combine some sentences from other e-mails he sent, but did not alter their meaning. This is the only quote I have ever presented in such a manner and my corrections did not change the message in a material way [i.e. I did not add in extra adjectives or phrases or rewrite entire sections of the quote] because that would be a totally unethical business practice).

"Hi Eddie,

I received the portraits and they are awesome. I love them very much. My family says they are very scary and my friends love them, as well. I can say that anyone who buys from you has something to look forward to. When they receive the portraits they will be very satisfied. Keep up the good work, my friend, and thanks for all your help. Best regards, Rudy."

Click the links below to view screenshots of Rudy's two original e-mail messages that formed this combined quote:

Rudy's message # 01
Rudy's message # 02

(Again, these were translated by me into properly spelled English since Rudy is from Sweden.
Thanks again, Rudy! I am pleased to hear that so many people are enjoying my work over there!)

"Dear Eddie...I think your work is brilliant.
Thanks for making the world more fun and inspiring."

-Farid H.

Hi Eddie,

Great news. I got the package and they are awesome! Now I have 6 of your pictures in my collection. I am planning on filling one of the walls in my "haunted office" with your pictures! For the time being I am saving my pennys but I will be ordering more. Thanks also for the reply e-mails with your busy schedule. Much appreciated. Best regards...Denise M.



My brother, Bill, recently recieved one of your portraits, "Uncle Jasper" I believe. He and I could not be more impressed with your work. I just ordered "The DaVinci Corpse" and "Little Ruthie" for my girlfriend's birthday, and I plan on ordering several more... Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to share our admiration with you.

Cheers, and I look forward to seeing these two in person!

-Thommy R.

The 2 I bought get rave reviews ... especially baby Bartholomew LOL when I got him my daughter lived with us and had just had her baby so when people came to see her they thought the lovely picture at the end of the hall was my granddaughter. The neat thing is to get to baby's room they had to walk down the hall right to it, then go left to baby's room and that's when they freaked !!

hahaha! love it :-)

Keep up the good work,

Sonja W.

Hi Eddie!!

Thank You Thank You!!
Your box arrived today!
You guys are wonderful!! The pictures will be a big hit this year at Great Lakes FrightFest! That was very generous of you!

May you have the best season ever! Thank you again for all your help!!

~Karen Taylor, Great Lakes Fright Fest

Hello Mr. Allen,

Just wanted to let you know that Aunt Astrid arrived yesterday afternoon. She looks just wonderful (from certain angles of course!). The packaging was top notch and I just couldn't believe how fast she arrived! This was my first, but definitely not my last, purchase. The quality of the image is super and the effect is startling. I don't know how you do it, but keep doing it! I love your site as well. Everything was described to a tee.

You may post this letter under your feedback link if you would like. Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business in the near future.

Best wishes,

Mark H.

After finding your website last fall, I ordered several of the portraits for my girlfriend, Kelly, as a Christmas present. I picked up 'Aunt Sarah', 'Aunt Polly', and (my favorite) 'Little Ruthie.' The portraits went over very well as Kelly has never seen anything like them before. However, as much as she liked them, Little Ruthie just freaked her out. Each of the portraits were sitting on an easel in the living room awaiting framing and hanging. There were several times Kelly had to move Little Ruthie to the back of the easel because a leering Little Ruthie just unnerved her, especially walking through the room in the middle of the night. Kelly was shaken by the image a little more while I was out of town and she was left alone in the apartment with Ruthie just staring at her.

However, now 2-3 months after the fact, Kelly has becomed accustomed to Little Ruthie. She has not been framed yet, but is now able to sit in the front of the easel. She now sits very nicely next to Uncle Percy.

Thanks again.

-Karl C.

"I had my annual Halloween Open House on the 27th and gave away many of your cards to those attending. They LOVED the portraits."

-Mark B. Ledenbach
Author of "Vintage Halloween Collectibles"

(Eddie's Note: Be sure to pick up a copy of Mark's AWESOME book - a MUST-HAVE for Halloween Collectors!
Click HERE for Ordering Info!

"Thank you so much. I received the 2 portraits today. They are so awesome."

-Mary Jane

"Eddie, Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I was when I recieved 'Uncle Charles' on Monday. The image 'changeover' was excellent. I've already found a perfect frame for him. Thanks again on a fine job!"

-Steve F.

"Eddie's work is 'The best' in this incredible art form. I don't know how it's done but the transformation is flawless!!! (Unlike others out there) His gift for realism is unmatched. He is truly a master of transformation photography. Not only a true talent but very personable. Extremely customer friendly.

Thanks Eddie You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!"

-Kathleen K.

"Little Ruthie is awesome! My guests are freaked out by it and my 6 year old is absolutely terrified of it.
The responses I get from it are hilarious... I love it! Thanks so much."

-Tammy G.

"This will be my second piece I've bought from you! I loved 'Aunt Astrid' and am looking forward to 'Aunt Sarah.'"

-Mariah B.

"We are absolutely Blown Away! The portraits are stunning! Your portraits have a uniquely fun but twisted creative vision, a distinct whimsical quality, that we haven't seen in any others.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I've been working on my daughter's bedroom for weeks and your portraits make the transformation to Haunted Mansion complete. We're looking forward to ordering again in the future!"

-Nina W.

"I recently received 'Aunt Gretchen' as a birthday gift and loved it...thanx so much!!"

-Fred S.

"I am beyond thrilled with the portrait! It is amazing, the photos and video in your website dont do it justice. It looks even better in person!! You have an amazing talent for creating these unique and wonderful works of art!

I hope to purchase more portraits from you in the future."

-John C.

(Eddie's Note: This happy customer ordered an 11x14 of "Uncle Roderick")

"Once you see Eddie's portraits, you get the feeling the world is more magical than it was before... and more frightening."

-Michael Shaw: Segment Producer, "Attack of the Show!"

"I received my changing portraits and I LOVE them.
I have just ordered six more. You rock Eddie!!!!!!!!"

-Catherine O.

I discovered Mr. Allen's amazing work at a convention. Being a huge Haunted Mansion fan I was immediately drawn to the table of strange and frightening images. The subjects looked so real and were so compelling that it took well over an hour to decide on which one to purchase. We settled on "Granny Hazel" and were excited to get her home to our Haunted Mansion-themed bedroom. Before we left we also bought "Little Ruthie", not knowing if we'd have room for both great ghoul-girls, but up for the challenge. They were so perfect and such an original addition to our room that we ended up adding family members Uncle Jack, Uncle Bernie, Aunt Polly and Uncle Charles. I even bought "Till death do us part" for my parents for their 50th anniversary. Eddie Allen's work is beyond amazing, they look completely authentic, vintage and creepy. The detail is perfection and I eagerly anticipate his future offerings, when I hope to find room for future family members.

-Michael O.

Dear Eddie,

Just received my order "The DaVinci Corpse". It is phenomenal. I absolutely love it. Your website doesn't do justice to the quality of the product. I was very impressed and extermely happy with this item. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my daughter and cant wait to see her face when she opens this gift!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

-Cheryl G."

"'Little Thomas' just arrived as a birthday present from my office today and I can honestly say without a doubt that no picture or video clip can do this masterpiece justice! The transformation is flawless! Santa if you are reading this, burn my old Christmas list and toss the rest of this collection in that sleigh of yours!"

-Sam A. (Monticello, Florida)

"We couldn't be happier with our 'Little Ned' portrait; the effect is even more impressive in real life than I'd expected it to be & hearing the surprised exclamations of guests after they wander into the room where he's hanging always tips us off as to when he's worked his magic. Not a person who's seen it hasn't been impressed & if the claims of my friends are to be believed, you've made a number of new customers thanks to that lad."

-Jason W.

"I had seen Eddie's work online many times and always had a chuckle over the hideous transformations he puts these poor vintage-lookin' people through. However, it wasn't until I actually saw some of these portraits first-hand at a convention that my jaw got dropped. You really don't get a sense of it until you're standing in front of one of these things and see that sweet, sepia face sprout fangs, lose hair and pierce you with a feral stare. I half-expected the damned thing to start hissing at me!"

- Chad Savage www.SinisterVisions.com

Dear Eddie,

Apologies for not contacting you sooner, it's been crazy-busy here. The portraits arrived last last week, and they are fabulous! The transitions are great, the images crisp, the boards they're on are nicely weighted. Just beautifully done all the way around. We're delighted.

Many thanks for getting them out so quickly, and in time to hang for Halloween.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

A pleasure to work with you and enjoy your art.

Very best wishes,

San Francisco

Hey Eddie,

Well this year's (2005) Haunted House is up and ready to go we replaced Drusilla with "Timmy" in our hall of pain area. This has to be the best color change portrait ever made. Every year you come out with a winner and this one takes the cake. It is frightfully good and should not only get the kids but the grown-ups, too (did not know so many people hated clowns). I'm sure we will be getting another one next year - can't wait to see what you creative brain can think up next. Until next time.

Best regards,
Lorne C.

Hi Eddie!

Well I got the picture of Aunt Sarah, and I love it! It IS like the old ones you used to see on postcards, and things like that. I showed it around work and they all love it. One of the guys I work with is a haunted mansion (Disneyland) fanatic and he said it echoes that haunted mansion! Now he wants one!

Wow- signed and numbered too. Fantastic!

Thanks again and I?ll tell everyone I know about you!

All the best,

Dear Eddie:

Received my 2 prints today and am blown away. They are AWESOME and I'm VERY IMPRESSED. EXACTLY what I wanted for my haunted house - so much so that even though I'm broke, I'm going to see if you have any other auctions going that I might be able to afford more but must receive them before Halloween (here in Victoria). I LOVE your work and wish I were more financially endowed to spend more for your items. Thanks for shipping them so well - the box actually arrived wet and I was so afraid that the pictures would be destroyed - but you were smart to plastic wrap before shipping which saved them!

THANKS AGAIN - I'm in awe!

Tina, Molly and Maggie (my girls are so creeped out by the pictures - it's GREAT!)

Hi Eddie,

I recieved my portrait "Uncle Bernie" today, and its fantastic! It's even better than I expected it to be. Also, I really want to thank you for getting it to me on the requested day. I truly apreciate the extra effort you put in to get it to me, and I know that it means a lot to customers. So keep up the good work! I know that I hope to expand upon my collection soon!

Thank you again,
Mike Q.

(Eddie's Note: This person purchased an 11x14 of "The Da Vinci Corpse" and sent me the following feedback comment)

It is WONDERFUL!!! I was so happy with it when I saw it. The colors are amazing and the change the picture takes is so fluid as you move around it. It got framed and matted today and I pick it up tomorrow. Everyone at the frame shop thought it was so cool as well! Even my grandma loved it! I am definitly buying more of them! I think I might have to get myself a Mona Lisa and one of the antique pictures as well! I just know everyone this weekend will be asking about who made it, so hopefully we will send some good business your way!

Thanks for writing back:)
Amberrose H.

Dearest Eddie,

Recieved my Zombie Boy,and wanted to Thank You !!! The Detail is very crisp and clear like you said it would be, i will be showing this off for a very long time. You can be expecting more purchases from me in the future! Thank you again and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

-David W.

Dear Eddie: Both 'Granny' and 'Grandpa' arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled! These are SO beautiful - and will be perfect in big, ornate frames and hung in my hall. As a matter of fact, I'm going to keep them up all year round! These are just TOO fun! Halloween is my favorite holiday and anyone who knows me will certainly expect as much. I also have a big Halloween party every year and first thing everyone does is check out what new decorations I have acquired. I wonder how long it will take before these scare ... I mean catch ... the attention of one of my guests!

Thanks again! You truly do beautiful work! And it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

-Diane K.

Hi Eddie,

I just received "Uncle Percy" today. The picture looks great! I can't wait to give it to my partner, he's going to love it! He prefers dimly lit rooms which will definitely enhance the spooky-factor. I'm sure it will go on the wall of his music room as soon as he gets it. It'll look great in there and will give him some creepy inspiration for composing some dark music.

Your service was wonderful. The picture arrived much sooner than I expected. I certainly thought it would take a lot more time to be shipped out and to actually arrive. But it came only a couple weeks after I placed the order.

I'm sure this won't be the last picture that I order from you.

Thank you,

-Eddie Allen

"I have already bought 6 prints ( Aunt Polly, Aunt Sarah, Cousin Harold, Little Annie, Little Mary and Uncle Percy) and am on to my next purchase. I am a serious addict and want each and every one. I can't get enough of the work. I have turned friends on to Eddie's work who are also big buyers. I hung them in the rehearsal room for my band and told my band members it was only temporary and they were going to be moved to my hallway and they all objected. I have shown them to co-workers and many plan to make purchases themselves. Everyone I have shown this work to has gone crazy over it. I feel like I have The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland in my house. I can wait to get my next batch. Thanks for the memories."

-Liezel Rubin

"Eddie, I got my picture on Saturday and it is fabulous! Thank you so much. I gave it to my best friend for her birthday and she loves it. We saw you in Burbank at the Fango convention and we both decided to get each other a picture for our birthdays. Mine is coming up in August so my friend Teri will be ordering another from you soon. Thanks again!

- Jean C.

Hi Eddie,

I had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with Mona Lisa ("The Da Vinci Corpse") and Little Hannah. The animation artwork really is spectacular. They may cost a bit more but are worth every penny. Keep up the great work!

With regards,

Hi! I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how fantastic I think Aunt Astrid is! I have been awaiting her arrival anxiously and thanks to your ultra quick service, I didn't have to wait long! She came today, and I was dying of anticipation while I opened it up. She's AWESOME!! Now I need more! My birthday's in September, and I know what I'll be asking for! Yep, I think Little Lucy might be next! Thank you, thank you, thank you, and keep up the good work! I can't wait to see your future pieces.


"Thank you the picture is wonderful. I will keep watching for new stuff."
-Lisa D.

"Haunted Memories make a spectacular
(and creepy) addition to any home!"

-John Landis - Director of "An American Werewolf in London,"
"Animal House," "Trading Places," and "The Blues Brothers."

(Eddie's Note: Meeting John Landis at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors was an incredible honor.
He has directed some of my all-time favorite films, so it was really gratifying to see that he admired my work, as well!)

"Hey Eddie

I picked up your Uncle Percy at the Fangoria convention, it's great! I love it. I was sort of moving back and forth there at your table, checking the effect of each one, and almost knocked over John Landis! I thought that was great how much he was enjoying your stuff, he was really obviously getting a kick out of it in his inimitable way. Thanks for doing such nice work that I got to see that! I'm gonna order a few more from your site for gifts later this summer.


I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my 2 changing portraits over the weekend. They look fantastic!! My wife is going to love it. Thank you very much!!

-Ryan P.

Eddie - The 3 HM "seconds" arrived safe and sound yesterday, despite a pretty good bash to one corner of the packaging somewhere along the USPS route. Your rugged 2-layer cardboard mailer was up to the challenge!

I knew I was going to like Hannah and Charles, because I liked them on your website, but I was pleasantly surprised with Aunt Polly. I bought her because we do a scene for which the hanging theme works especially well, but I had my doubts whether the rope would be completely invisible against such a black background in the "normal" view...but it is! Not to mention that she has much greater impact in such a large size.

Thanks, too, for such quick service.


(Eddie's Note: Marcia bought some of my imperfect pieces, also known as "seconds.")

"Accept no substitutes, knock-offs, or rip-offs!
Eddie Allen's Haunted Memories are not only the original
gruesome goods, but THE must-have collectible for horror fans!"

--Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton
The Horror Channel www.horrorchannel.com

(Eddie's note: It's nice to know that there are still some people in the Halloween industry who recognize
and support originality and stand by their principles. Steve Barton is one of those individuals).

"Hello Eddie - I wanted to let you know that I received my portraits yesterday and I am very pleased... your work is excellent. I do a haunted walk-thru at my property each Halloween and make all of the props and sets myself with the exception of a few special pieces that I treat myself to every year. Your portraits are my treat this year and will be a wonderful addition to the haunt. I will proudly display them in my home year round as well. Thank you for the great service and I will surely be ordering more in the future."

- Ralph G.
May 19th, 2005

I just have to chime in here and let everyone know how awesome Eddie's portraits are. But, don't just take my word for it...let me tell you a quick story and a reaction to when my eighteen year old son and my mail carrier saw Eddie's "Little Hannah" for the first time.

Little Hannah first arrived at my home by way of a knock at the door from my mail carrier. I knew immediately what it was she was presenting to me. I asked her, "Do you want to see something amazing?" She answered that she did, so I asked her to wait while I opened the package. It took me a few moments to remove the portrait,(Eddie sends his portraits securely wrapped and well protected) but when I did and revealed Little Hannah to her, she just couldn't believe her eyes. She giggled and showed all her teeth and said she has seen a lot of things in her time, but NEVER had she seen anything like Little Hannah. I think I made a friend on that day.

My Little Hannah is on my wall in an old fashioned yellow frame and a garland of white and purple flowers is draped around her. She hangs on the right wall above my fireplace heading into the kitchen. My son came over to visit his brothers and I and to shoot the breeze. He began his usual trek into the kitchen. He looked at Little Hannah and before I could say anything, my 6'1", 165 lbs. son fell completely on his boney butt, legs sprawled out in front of him as if someone had clocked him in the face and screamed, "$hit!!!" The next thing out of his mouth was, "Mamma, why did you do that to me?!" In amazement, he got on his feet and begin checking Little Hannah out. He just couldn't believe that such a portrait could be done. I agree. Eddie has taken every detail into consideration when it comes to her. All the way down to her fingernails transforming into claws. AMAZING!

I have plans to purchase a few more portraits from Eddie to add to my budding collection.

Once you go Haunted Memories - you're addicted!

- Gwendel R. (a.k.a. "Empress Nightshade")
Shadowbox Theatre Company

"EDDIE! just wanted you to know so far picture is a smashing HIT! EVERYONE LOVES IT! i hope i can buy more soon. Im eyeing LUCY, she is my fav =) Im telling everyone about you and your site and hope everyone i know gets one, my friends and family are very impressed! thanx again! feedback was left for you!"


"I attended a haunters? convention in Santa Maria, California a few weeks ago. There was another vendor there with a product in the same vein as yours, but just not the same quality. I saw he had lower prices than your typical prices, but I'm glad I bought from you last year. Much better quality. Keep up the good work, and I hope it all goes very well for you."

-Michael W.

Two Glowing Feedbacks from Carrie V!

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that we finally got our portraits framed and on the wall..and we are getting more compliments and oohs and ahhhs than we ever imagined.. Thanks again..we just love them..

Also, on your custom pieces.. we would love to have a family portrait done, someday. 2 adults 2 kids.. can that be done?

Thanks again for your stunning pieces!! I hope to order again very soon."

-Carrie V.
August 20th, 2004

"Just wanted to let you know that we had a tile contractor in our home today and he
say (sic) our Uncle (sic) Esbat.. He had to know where we got it!!! I am giving your name out
left and right!!! You need to start up a referral program!!!"

-Carrie V.
September 24th, 2004

PS. You should be hearing from John 'Eric' C. He said he absolutely had to get one!!!

"Hi, this is Kathy W....I received Uncle Bernie - he's great! I had purchased two from the other guy, but yours just has much better effects. I would like to get a couple more!"

-Kathy W.
April 2005

"The changing portraits are wonderful and I am pleased with them. They were well worth the price. Everyone to whom I have shown them comment on how creepy they look. I can't wait to incorporate them into my Halloween decor.

We had one unfortunate occurance when the first shipment arrived through the USPS damaged. I contacted Eddie via e-mail and told him what had happened. Fortunately they were insured and he told me to file a claim with the postal service, which I have done. As is the case with most government services, it appears that this may be a rather long and drawn out process. In the meantime, Eddie prepared a second set of changing portraits and shipped those to me. They arrived safely and I am delighted!

It was a pleasure doing business with Eddie and I appreciate the professional and accomodating way in which he has helped me. If other haunters are interested in changing portraits, Eddie is definitely the best source for them."

-Sandra A.
Creator of the "Haunted Mill Trail of Terror"
May 2005

"Your Terrible Timmy is just incredible. I'm making my October birthday wishlist and forcing my family members to watch your clips again.

Last year, I received Grandpa Esbat and Grannie Hazel as gifts, and they were big hits at our annual Spookfest Halloween party! They framed beautifully in standard, faux tarnished silver frames. Most folks thought we just had old relative up, until they wandered by the buffet & saw them change out of the corner of their eye. I'm thinking an evil clown might be just the thing for the poor souls searching for the bathroom this year."

Victoria N.
May 3rd, 2005

"It arrived today, it is better than expected, and my kids love it! thank you very much, i cant wait for the chance to buy another & another :) im trying to find the best spot to hang it. thank you Eddie!"

-Donna V.

(Eddie's Note: She bought an 11x14 portrait of "Grandpa Esbat")

"We bought several portraits from Haunted Memories and they've worked out awesome. We hit the antique stores for those old rustic $10.00 frames which makes these portraits POP! They've simply added another layer to our haunted houses, which was exactly what we were looking for! Great Job!"

-Larry Kirchner (a.k.a. "Dr. Frightener" - Editor of Hauntworld Magazine)

(Eddie's Note: Larry is another well-respected mover and shaker in the Halloween Industry. My work is proudly featured in his mazes and I have advertised in "Hauntworld Magazine" for the past two years. He can also vouch for the fact that my spooky changing portraits are the originals).

"When I received 'Uncle Charles', only one thing ran through my mind: 'COOL!' We had friends come down and stay with us and I gave up my room so they would have a place to stay. After the first night, her kids didn't want to sleep in my room anymore because of all the 'scary' stuff inside. Too bad this didn't come a day earlier, because I would have LOVED to see the kids' reactions when the portrait changed back & forth! It's a great addition to ANY room, be it in a haunt or in a house, I LOVE mine! Helluva job Eddie!"

- Rick Whitlow, Dark Wire Design/HauntSearch Magazine

We are extremely pleased with the quality of our portrait. After checking several companies which sell changing portraits, we knew that the ones produced by Haunted Memories were by far the superior product. Cousin Drusilla is very creepy and quite unsettling. She is exactly what we were looking for!

Thank you for the wonderful customer service.
We look forward to working with you again.

-Lady Iron

(Eddie's Note: I donated a 16x20 portrait of "Cousin Drusilla" to the Lady Iron's gathering in 2004. "Dru" was a big hit and now resides with her proud and happy owners in Canada).

Dear Eddie,

I can't begin to say how thankful I am that I found someone like you! Like you, I was always a fan of the Haunted Mansion portraits and when I found your site it was like a dream come true! I am so impressed with your work and it just keeps getting better over time. I started collecting late 2003 and now I've got 23 of these beautiful portraits, including the retired "Cousin Claudia" which I'm glad I got when I did. I have the portraits hung all over my apartment and people's reactions are priceless when they see them. "Lost Soul's Tavern" is just the perfect name they have created for my apartment. I can't wait for more portraits to come but until then I enjoy all 23 that I already have.

Un-pleasant dreams,

A Note From Gary Pawlowski - A Hollywood Effects Artist

I am a special effects makeup artist having worked on over fifty major motion pictures,
including "The Addams Family," "Addams Family Values," and the Academy Award Winning Films "Ed Wood," "The Nutty Professor," and "Men in Black."

I have seen many high-quality props on many different movie sets and I must say that Eddie Allen's "Haunted Memories Changing Portraits" are beyond motion picture quality. The eye of the camera can be tricked - what looks good on film may not look as good in person. Eddie Allen's changing portraits stand up to close scrutiny.

The image maintains photographic quality throughout the change, unlike other changing portraits I have seen which change from a phtographic image into a cartoon-like drawing! And the craftsmanship of Eddie Allen's portraits is impeccable. Each one is hand-assembled for strict quality control. I have purchased FIFTEEN of his portraits already and look forward to adding more to my collection.

Eddie Allen's "Haunted Memories Changing Portraits" are genuine works of art!

-Gary Pawlowski (a.k.a. "Scary Gary")

Hi, Eddie...this is K.T. & I'm just writing to tell you that Uncle Percy came today & he is beyond incredible! My second thought after opening the package (the first being "Wow!") was "I have to get more!"

Thank you for such a wickedly unique work of art.


Hey Eddie, I received the portraits today...and they are AMAZING!!! I will definately be buying more as I can get the money. By next Halloween, I plan to have at least 5 of them for a "family wall". Of course, I think I will display them all year long in my home office much to the wife's dismay.

Awesome job and I cant wait to get more! -Rich S.

Hi. I just wanted to email and tell you I couldn't be more pleased with Granny Glick!!!! The packaging itself was a work of art and it really shows how dedicated you are to your customers. Now I'll be shopping all weekend... trying to find just the right frame for her. I'll be back for more family portraits soon!!! Thanks!!! - Jessica H.

I just recieved one of your portraits as a belated christmas gift. It is astounding. It is the best present I have ever recieved. The quailty of the work is way beyond what I expected. Thank you for creating such a great piece of artwork. The size of the portrait is very impressive hanging in my living room and the effect is beyond belief (Eddie's note: He ordered a 16" x 20" of "Aunt Astrid") I think I will have to add more to my collection soon.

- Ron E.

We picked up the Portraits at the post office today. They are amazing! Much better than what one can see on line, Thanks for having such a unique talent. I hope to acquire more of your works in the future


The package arrived in perfect condition and Uncle Charles is totally awesome! He looks even better in person than on your website. I can't believe how complete and quick the transformation is - he totally freaks me out! I cannot wait to see him hanging in a frame - he's going to make people scream for sure! You do really nice work.

Thanks again - have a happy Thanksgiving.


I want to thank you again for processing my order so promptly. Your picture (Grandpa Esbat) was the hit of the party! I gave out Haunted Memories website to 15 people who seemed interested in purchasing one. I absolutely love it. I will be getting another one for my party next year!

-Christy(a.k.a. "The Witch of Amherst")

...they are the spookiest props I have, and I build torture devices for a living! Guillotines & electric chairs are my main business, but these portraits are blowing everyone away!

You're going to get another fabulous feedback from me again, did you read the last one? Gotta go, time's running out... Thanks, and I will be back for more!


Hey Eddie it's Angus. I've recieved my portraits and I couldn't be happier! Also, I wanted to make a suggestion to the rest of your customers, I found lighting them with a strobe light creates an even MORE disturbing effect, due to the change seeming more sudden when you walk by. Anyway, the portraits are a WONDERFUL addition to my haunted house and I eagerly await the reactions from my guests this Halloween. THANKS!~and Happy Haunting!



Just want to say that we loved the picture! We put it in an appropriate frame and it really looked like the real antique picture. We were very impressed with the professional look. All of our guests were talking about the picture and in awe with the changing process. Also, you packed it very well. Don't change a thing and I'm sure we'll be adding another one next year!

Sincerely, Van

Hi Eddie...
Uncle Charles arrived today safe & sound. He is even better in person than on ebay!!! He is truly a work of art that we will enjoy for decades...And beyond the grave???

Thanks for your ultra fast shipping and all around great service...And...Have a Happy Halloween!

-Rick L.

Hello! I have just ordered my third and fourth picture from your wonderful collection. I absolutely love them and have my friends now ordering them.

-Jaime M.

Hi Eddie,

My portraits came on October 19, and I was out of the office that day, so I didn?t get them until the next day. They were well packaged and in perfect condition. I didn?t let anyone in the office see them, because I wanted them to see them for the first time at my Halloween party. I opened them up and jumped around in glee. Hee-Heeee!!! They are so awesome. I ran right out and bought beautiful frames for them and put them up at home. They look perfect in my traditional-style house! My husband saw them for the first time last night and he did a double-take??Where did you GET those?!!!!? He thought they were so cool. They look like normal pictures until all of a sudden?you realize that they are NOT normal pictures. I can?t wait until my party for everyone to see them and freak out.

Thank you, and I?m sure you?ll be hearing from me again to add to my new collection!


I received them yesterday. They're GREAT.

-Rick H.

Just a note to let you know that we put the portraits up last week and they are fabulous! A real hit! Great Work Eddie!

-Ryan D.

Nice work! Thanks again and looking forward to doing business with you next year!

-Jason V.

hey,i got the portraits !!! and i am SO impressed!! these things CREEP me out !! i really think they ARE haunted even though i know they can't be !! thanks eddie you are a master !! i will be purchasing a few more !!


THANK YOU! Got the portraits, arrived safe, awesome looking! And the first person to see them who knew nothing about them besides myself and my wife was giddy with excitement over what a hit they're going to be.

We will surely contact you again next year, and the year after that!

-Danny R.

Hello - just received the portrait of Cousin Drusilla that I purchased on ebay. It is S0000 AWESOME!!! Will leave great feedback and look forward to more purchases of your fun and unique items!

Regards, Joan

Received Cousin Drusilla yesterday and brought her to work today. She has generated quite a bit of interest. Your website should be getting quite a few hits today.

She is better than I expected. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround!

Happy Halloween.


Hey Eddie, received the picture today. This is the best product that I have ever seen! Your workmanship in exquisite in every detail. We have given your work a place of honor above our mantle in the main room of our house. I will definitely pass your sight on to other people because I know when people see it they are going to want one of their own. Keep up the great work! Look forward to seeing your new pieces as they come out because I know we will be getting another one before next Halloween.

Sincerely and best regards,
Lorne C.

"Eddie Allen was the first to bring the changing portrait to the haunting market,
and his artistic abilities make Haunted Memories products a great value!"

-Leonard Pickel, Editor of Haunted Attraction Magazine
April 2005

Eddie - I just wanted to let you know that Uncle Charles is awesome! He has instantly become the centerpiece of our Halloween collection. Your reviews actually understate how good these pictures really are.


Eddie you are the best!!!!!!!!!! Everyone want's to know about your work, I took them in to be framed and could not leave them due to the intrest in the portrait's. I do not think that I would have gotten them back. I did find some frames that look old and very "right" for my pictures. THANK YOU!!! They are the best......Happy Haunting's


OH MY GOD!!! This is all I have been able to say since I opened the two porttraits that we ordered from you today--OH MY GOD!!! They are absolutely AMAZING- Seeing them online does them no justice compared to in person. It is so unbelievably eerie to look at, yet I can't take my eyes from them. They are going to scare the $#!@ out of many people this Halloween--well worth it I will tell EVERYONE I know about your truly talented and outragous art work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

-Jenn B.

thank you for sending the pics on time, and for a truly professional and fun product.
i'm sad i didn't budget a room devoted to these!!!

-Erik R.

Words don't seem to do your pictures justice.I was unsure what to expect as to how the transition would look but I was amazed at how seamless it was.Now I am off to the frame shop to aquire a proper frame that will compliment your work.I will have to save up so eventually I can have a whole family represented in my home. Thanks

-Dave W.

Just picked up uncle charles and aunt sarah at the post office?great packaging, in perfect shape and we're all in awe at how amazing these things are!...you've done an incredible job on them and I'm sure they will be one of the highlights of our Rotary clubs annual haunted house(14th year)?I'll e-mail you some photos of them in the "parlour" when we get it all set up?thanks again for the great service?

-Bob A.

(Eddie's Note: The following feedback e-mail was sent in reference to a Custom Portrait I did this year. I turned her husband into a zombie and I think it's safe to say that she was pleased...)

Hi! THIS PICTURE IS SO AWESOME THAT I ALMOST CRIED! I am so impressed. It is EVERYTHING that I hoped for plus +++++++. I just can't stand it. I absolutely LOVE it. It was worth EVERY penny and all the time I waited. You have a truely AMAZING talent and I am so glad that I found you! Thank you so much. I am so pleased! If you EVER need a reference-send them my way. I just can't find the words to let you know how happy I am and how great this picture is.

I will email after I surprise him with it and let you know what he thinks too.

Happy Halloween and All my thanks, a million times -Kelly S.
(You're welcome, Kelly! Happy Halloween!)

Eddie, The portraits look wonderful. I found some great frames and I am thrilled to have these in my haunted house this year. They were originally going to be filler decorations, but they are far to cool for that. I have designed an entire hallway and special lighting just for them so that they are the focal point. Awesome work!!

-Jeff T.

I received the Uncle Charles and it is just awesome. It will be a great way to kick off the theme of this year's haunted house. I'll be back to you next year for a second one! Thanks for the great service. -Bob M. (Ashburn, VA)

Just a note to let you know that we received our changing portraits. We have already got them framed and waiting for this year's haunted house. They are great!! Thanks, Margie and Todd M.

Eddie, Just a quick to let you know that Little Ned arrived safely today and he rocks!!! I can't wait to show him off! Thank you so much again and I hope to do business with you again. Sincerely, Julie H.

Eddie- Man, people are freakin' out over Granny Hazel!!....Again, thanks, and please let me know if you come up with any other images! -Kristian K.

Hi Eddie, I received my 3 prints the other day, thanks for such fast delivery. THEY ARE SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we just need to find just the right frames, any suggestions? We may even buy a few more next year. Thanks so much for your assistance. Good luck and keep up the great work! -Sherry L.

Uncle Charles looks great. I showed Uncle Charles to my five and seven year old just before they went to bed. I'll be able to judge how effective it was based on when they come to our bed in the morning. :) I'll go in search of three nice antique frames this week. Thanks buddy! -Joe S.

The portraits are magnificent! Thank you for such fast service. -Barbara K.

Eddie, Received my pictures today. Extremely pleased with the quality, and I'm sure they are going to be a tremendous success in my haunted house this Halloween.
Thanks Again -Dan

Hey Eddie! This is Kevin from Cincinnati, I received the the pictures and I wanted to say thanks, they are terrific!!!! Great Job!



I just received "Uncle Charles" today!

He is even better than I could have imagined! I am absolutely delighted!!! Thank you sooo much!

This is a fantastic piece of art, and I intend to add to my collection :)

Please keep up the great work! All us creepy people out here need you ;)

Thanks again ~ and happy haunting! -Sue

I purchased your "Cousin Drusilla" print last year and could not believe how well crafted it was. Everybody loved it. Several people jumped when they walked by and saw it out of the corner of their eye. Great stuff.

Thanks again, JK

I received my 2 images today and I haven't stopped jumping for joy since opening them. These ladies EXCEEDED my expectations! (Eddie's note: She ordered "Aunt Gretchen" and "Aunt Sarah") I was so happy when the postman brought them in, I nearly ran him over with excitement! Today's like Christmas! My co-workers gathered around for the unveiling and they all gasped when the images were revealed.

Thank you so much Eddie ~ I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase and I'm anxious to add to this collection in the future. - Susanna B.

"I purchased your "Cousin Drusilla" print last year and could not believe how well crafted it was. Everybody loved it. Several people jumped when they walked by and saw it out of the corner of their eye. Great stuff."
Thanks again" - JK

"Just a little note to say that I Love your work! My husband purchased 'Little Ned' for me as a Valentines Day present, and he looks fantastic hanging in our house!" - Andrea S.

"What can I say ... but totally AWESOME!! Thanks sooooooooooo much for Granny Hazel! She is simply terrific. Everyone agrees!! Can't wait to show her off! Superb work! I acknowledge you for creating such a Masterpiece! You made my Year! I am framing her this weekend ... then she'll be "hanging around" all year! Keep up the GREAT work!" -Bob

"Just wanted to let you know that 'Little Ned' arrived safely today.
He's great; Thanks for another Halloween treat!" - Debbie A.

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the portraits and that they look great! Thanks so much for the prompt delivery... Thanks again for the portraits they will be much enjoyed!" - Diedre

"I received my 5 portraits the other day and I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with them! They are absolutely awesome, They have been laid out on my table for the last 3 days so I can walk by them and look at them. You did an amazing job with them. With all the great reviews I have read on your portraits, I had very high expectations. The portraits exceeded my expectations. All I can say is WOW! Thanks a lot. Your newest additions are some of your best yet. Keep 'em comin', Thanks again" - Jim H.

"When I first saw your portraits I fell in love with them right away. I ordered Little Lucy & Little Ned right away. Soon after I ordered Granny Hazel and Cousin Claudia. You wouldn't believe the reactions I get from people around here from them. I have many people interested in getting some for themselves. I now have Grandpa Esbat, Aunt Polly & Aunt Gretchen on the way, can't wait to hang them up! Keep up the excellent work." - Vincent

My Feedback From Ebay Auctions

Here is the feedback I received while selling my portraits on ebay. My account name is "hauntedmemories" and I am proud to say that all the feedback comments are 100% positive!

The picture looks great. I cannot wait until Halloween. Would recommend to all.
Buyer: ginter5144 ( 72) Feb-20-05 08:12 6507720874

fast shipping excellent product,highly recommended seller
Buyer: dshaf57873 ( 645) Feb-17-05 19:29 6509482903

LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buyer: barracudasmracing ( 37) Feb-16-05 12:01 6509073497

great product and great service
Buyer: tod54888 ( 11) Feb-14-05 20:04 6510699143

Fantabulous! Plan to buy more of these great portraits! Thank you!!!!!
Buyer: wretcheddoll ( 89) Feb-11-05 09:00 6504619027

Buyer: ykaraoke ( 273) Feb-08-05 14:17 2291200026

Super Fast Delivery. Unique addition to haunted house. A+++++Seller. Recommend
Buyer: hazell.va ( 44) Feb-06-05 07:52 6508846950

smooth transaction
Buyer: fourptroll ( 52) Feb-03-05 15:15 6508051670

Awesome item, great transaction, super packing and shipping. Thanks!
Buyer: teterrabbit ( 294) Jan-24-05 15:29 2290569663

way cool!
Buyer: jimmagus ( 544) Jan-21-05 05:05 6503020070

fast shipping aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa++++++++my great grandfather the devil ......ha
Buyer: devilsells ( 439) Jan-18-05 09:33 2290332049

The portrait is AWESOME.Definately have to save up for the entire family. Thanks.
Buyer: karent1031 ( 1 ) Jan-15-05 13:17 6502797921

WOW!!! I can't wait to acquire some more - AAA+++ THANKS
Buyer: elpupi95 ( 135) Jan-14-05 22:03 6501588687

Incredibly Creepy - We LOVE her - Thanks - AAA++++++
Buyer: elpupi95 ( 135) Jan-14-05 22:03 6501589184

Beautiful - Even better than expected - AAA+++++
Buyer: elpupi95 ( 135) Jan-14-05 22:03 6501588878

FABULOUS!! - Thanks Very Much - I'll be back for more!
Buyer: lizjayliz ( 716) Jan-10-05 09:58 6500925395

Fabulous! Beautiful piece of art....and shipped so quickly! Thanks!
Buyer: ladyrosenoire ( 234) Jan-02-05 19:21 2292652973

great photos I love them
Buyer: brandonsamantha ( 38) Dec-31-04 05:33 2293744595

Great item and good quality good shipper
Buyer: brandonsamantha ( 38) Dec-31-04 05:32 2293744404

Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy your work.
Buyer: mcmexmix2n48 ( 30) Dec-25-04 20:41 2293009668

Arrived in time for Christmas. Can't wait to frame them.
Buyer: mcmexmix2n48 ( 30) Dec-25-04 20:36 2293744403

great ebayer thank you so so much nice doing business with you !!!
Buyer: jimjanpizza ( 10) Dec-24-04 20:03 2290499765

great transaction , thank you so so much ,love the item,great ebayer!!!!
Buyer: jimjanpizza ( 10) Dec-24-04 19:58 2289051730

A+, beautiful product, got it at a steal
Buyer: wild-man-woodard ( 67) Dec-24-04 11:42 2293009666

A++,beautiful item, got it at a steal
Buyer: wild-man-woodard ( 67) Dec-24-04 11:40 2274884733

awesome * better then described * great seller * great product * will buy more!
Buyer: tunnelbob ( 60) Dec-20-04 18:44 2293937776

Great transaction!! Thanks for the chance to purchase I love it!!
Buyer: paralegal22 ( 401) Dec-20-04 08:42 2294029234

Really great product, extremelely quick delivery.
Buyer: slap-daddi ( 212) Dec-20-04 08:34 2290040195

Really great product, extremelely quick delivery.
Buyer: slap-daddi ( 212) Dec-20-04 08:34 2293009670

Fantastic, unique item! Shipped quickly, Thanks!!!
Buyer: flinn ( 938) Dec-20-04 07:11 2290912826

Uncle Bernie is awesome! Thanks!
Buyer: vandekai ( 639) Dec-14-04 10:37 2289052870

Buyer: nighthawkwarrior ( 571) Dec-13-04 13:06 2287105597

great buy. the paintings look way better in person. hit of the party.thanks
Buyer: rg1rg1 ( 15) Dec-10-04 21:15 2274020014

great buy. the paintings look way better in person. hit of the party.thanks
Buyer: rg1rg1 ( 15) Dec-10-04 21:14 2273939669

Buyer: siegerdog ( 256) Dec-06-04 13:56 Private

Buyer: mowog67 (private) Dec-04-04 08:13 2284787660

"Aunt Polly" is wonderful, I haven't been this excited about a purchase before!!
Buyer: ykaraoke ( 273) Dec-02-04 16:18 Private

very nice, Thanks!
Buyer: the_riverside_pirate ( 70) Nov-23-04 07:23 2281963328

Awesome work, great seller, perfect delivery!
Buyer: craban ( 79) Nov-18-04 12:51 2271580375

awesome is all i can say
Buyer: dwwlew ( 218) Nov-18-04 07:30 2273243819

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! This guy delivers - great stuff!
Buyer: k-dud ( 271) Nov-17-04 20:14 2274018795

Excellent product, excellent service . Highly recommend.
Buyer: brdfrmhell ( 138) Nov-16-04 19:47 2279758761

Excellent ebay seller! THANKS!
Buyer: lucasfrancisstudio ( 1076) Nov-10-04 19:48 2274884939

awesome. one of the best items i have EVER seen or owned
Buyer: kdragt ( 808) Nov-08-04 03:31 2274884554

Excellent product, communication, packing, shipping, transaction. Thank you.
Buyer: 4marley ( 106) Nov-04-04 01:31 2274014480

Thanks!!! The pictures were the hit of the party!!! A+++++ Merchant!!!!
Buyer: chupa-rosa ( 272) Nov-03-04 15:04 2273667686

LOVED both of them!! So did my guests!!! A++++++++ Merchant!!
Buyer: chupa-rosa ( 272) Nov-03-04 15:04 2273245030

Buyer: hollynn ( 225) Nov-03-04 11:07 2272224058

Item arrived well packed. We love it!
Buyer: yosa-2 ( 94) Oct-30-04 17:23 2272220668

Great portraits. Well packaged. A+
Buyer: gtneher ( 41) Oct-28-04 10:09 2275168421

Awesome Portrait. Smooth transaction. A+
Buyer: gtneher ( 41) Oct-28-04 10:09 2275419531

Beautiful bride! VERY FAST delivery.Honest and reliable.Go bid!! Full marks!!
Buyer: mgrm ( 391) Oct-26-04 00:01 2272212687

Very spooky and good quality stuff. Great transaction. Good Ebayer recommended
Buyer: platonxp ( 19) Oct-25-04 05:58 2273246170

Great Ebay Seller, fast ship, SUPERB QUALITY WORK, A1+++++
Buyer: trekkinone ( 123) Oct-10-04 10:34 2274841962

What can I say, best of ebay, great attention to detail, quick ship,AAA+++
Buyer: han9692 ( 62) Oct-09-04 08:31 2273247982

Always a pleasure, Terrific ebayer, great attention to detail, quick ship,AAA+++
Buyer: han9692 ( 62) Oct-09-04 08:30 2273241996

The Absolute BEST Portraits Period! Perfect Transaction All the Way!
Buyer: wishbooktoyland ( 451) Oct-01-04 13:17 2270172601

WOW....this is really great! Will be perfect for my party! Thanks!
Buyer: dgshoe ( 742) Sep-25-04 18:04 2268862624

absolutely incredible. SHipped FAST too!!! I love it. Excellent seller.
Buyer: laurald ( 43) Sep-24-04 18:07 2270753479

Thank you! It arrived quickly and in great shape. Awesome!
Buyer: craban ( 79) Sep-24-04 17:03 2271292685

Good communication + fine shipping + great item = Excellent transaction!!! A+++
Buyer: pangur ( 152) Sep-21-04 07:31 2268861621

Another great picture! Smooth transaction. A+ Seller
Buyer: nerkatty ( 825) Sep-20-04 10:02 2265322632

Buyer: gloski1 ( 182) Sep-15-04 18:13 2263138447

very cool
Buyer: hir17 ( 50) Sep-13-04 17:38 2260564218

Fast shipment, awesome product, a great person to deal with!
Buyer: craban ( 79) Sep-13-04 12:16 2267176409

One of the best Halloween decorations I've ever purchased. Buy one!!!!!!!
Buyer: skunkman2020 ( 59) Sep-10-04 08:28 2264519801

This is A MUST HAVE !!! BEAUTIFUL !!! I LOVE IT !! Awesome EBAYER !!!!!!!!!!
Buyer: dsdsignart ( 569) Sep-06-04 07:02 2263141258

Prompt shipment, communication, recommended seller, thanks A+++++++++++++
Buyer: emptyk1160 ( 373) Aug-18-04 00:03 2261622267

Buyer: ibewcollector ( 208) Aug-12-04 15:31 2260055999

very happy with picture it looks great.
Buyer: cronsmans ( 5 ) Aug-06-04 00:07 2256842345

Fantastic picture! Smooth transaction. Fast delivery. A++++++
Buyer: marine-recon45 ( 539) Aug-03-04 08:39 2256842096

The picture is great, arrived quickly, highly recommended. Thanks! A++++++++++++
Buyer: kakki0317 ( 80) Jul-23-04 20:29 2258279514

Awesome product, fast arrival, very professional. A+++
Buyer: wfmoth ( 140) Jul-17-04 09:33 2247431258

Wonderful picture!!! Packaged Great!!!! Many Thanks!!!!
Buyer: spooky-design ( 143) Jun-29-04 19:46 2249153109

Very Happy! Nice Product!
Buyer: phonepage ( 17) Jun-29-04 15:39 2249151737

Buyer: ibewcollector ( 208) Jun-24-04 18:26 2247182847

Good Transaction
Buyer: kristycphotography ( 42) Jun-24-04 16:59 2248590002

Buyer: ibewcollector ( 208) May-27-04 17:05 2243616723

Excellent merchandise, great e-Bayer, highly recommended!Excellent Communication
Buyer: nemesisdisneyland ( 51) May-16-04 09:03 2239089190

The coolest, thanks
Buyer: evilzombies ( 14) May-15-04 08:12 2242832742

GREAT PRODUCT!!!! Packaged very well. Highly recommend. Thanks.
Buyer: orchid3375 ( 23) Apr-19-04 14:28 2233524404

Have ordered from him before. Love the product and service!!!!
Buyer: theolebackhouse ( 132) Mar-19-04 13:50 2224974396

Wow what a great product.The kids will be scared this year. Hope to buy again.
Buyer: madonnarobin72 ( 28) Mar-15-04 17:19 2228511626

Oh my gosh, so cool. Portrait was well packaged. A++
Buyer: twinkie1978 ( 13) Mar-15-04 08:26 2229755146

Excellent transaction ! ! ! Great portrait ! ! ! Very pleased ! ! !
Buyer: harty63 ( 216) Mar-11-04 12:42 2226524569

Loved the Old Lady Scarey Portrait. Great shipping. Thanks! AAAAA+++++
Buyer: krr14rer ( 177) Feb-27-04 14:29 2223701722

Great prop!
Buyer: dralaw ( 29) Feb-20-04 20:35 2220474182

I LOVE the portrait! Super creepy! Highest recommendation!
Buyer: deliciousness (private) Feb-19-04 11:46 2215699238

Great Product, just as advertised, excellent ebayer, highest grade AA+++++
Buyer: han9692 ( 62) Feb-06-04 08:21 2218672040

Buyer: spookyboutique.com ( 2348) Jan-23-04 23:18 2199184582

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Buyer: vshoffner ( 213) Dec-15-03 07:06 2193064886

Fast shipment, great seller, thanks!!!
Buyer: mortifier ( 468) Dec-09-03 15:17 2187325455

excellent transaction. love the changing portrait
Buyer: brittanytoys ( 285) Dec-04-03 13:53 2202150014

Awsome Portrait! It was the Hit of the Party! Thanks!!!!!
Buyer: le-tigresa ( 210) Nov-01-03 09:39 2195619415

Thank you for this great item. Shipped nicely. 10 out of 10.
Buyer: mpf0772 ( 164) Oct-27-03 15:49 2197639514

awesome item! fast shipping! great packaging! perfect in everyway! thank you!
Buyer: ghoulish-delight ( 137) Oct-24-03 22:15 2197639832

Love it !!!!! Fast shipping, thank you !!!!
Buyer: gussob ( 108) Oct-22-03 06:28 2196242030

This is the coolest. Speedy transaction and honorable ebayer :^)
Buyer: doodlepunk ( 733) Oct-19-03 05:55 2194583453

Very Cool product-shipped safe and sound! A+
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The best product! Incredibly packaged for safe travel! The BEST!
Buyer: the_shriek ( 95) Oct-10-03 12:12 2193638698

Interesting Item. Smooth Transaction.
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Great packaging, wonderful product, very pleased
Buyer: jjpca5 ( 500) Oct-07-03 07:22 2192953503

These things are amazing!!!! Tahnks so much!!!
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Buyer: tdgib ( 104) Sep-26-03 16:03 2191132936

Prompt & professional. Highly recommended!
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Exceptional Experience-FAST Shipping GREAT Ebayer AAA++++++++
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Transaction went smoothly thanks to this professional seller! Recommended!
Buyer: rieuboy (private) Sep-19-03 14:21 2190275771

Ohmigod - this thing is so cool! Eddie, you're the BEST!! We will buy again!
Buyer: deliciousness (private) Sep-19-03 13:58 2186782256

Excellent Seller!!!
Buyer: diamond830 ( 73) Sep-14-03 19:14 2183000194

Excellent Seller!!!
Buyer: diamond830 ( 73) Sep-14-03 19:14 2183000194

Nice guy! Smooth transaction. Quality as stated. Thanks! Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buyer: temportia ( 930) Sep-12-03 11:12 2188890345

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Buyer: encore0072lf8 ( 666) Sep-08-03 17:16 2189903379

I love Uncle Chas.!!! Thank you! Excellent seller!! Would buy from again. AAAA++
Buyer: agardenbabeprn ( 67) Sep-03-03 18:01 2188602011

Great picture and wonderful service.
Buyer: stephenclott ( 85) Sep-02-03 18:28 2187881799

Quick shipping! Good communication! Item as described. Great seller!
Buyer: tabanger ( 283) Aug-18-03 02:56 2184265963

Thank you. A++++++++!
Buyer: haunted.mansion ( 447) Aug-11-03 11:26 2182327422

A Great Asset to Ebay AAA+++
Buyer: ank2310 ( 461) no longer a registered user Aug-07-03 20:46 2183398023

Great transaction! Would definitely buy from again! A+++++
Buyer: ltldeb61 ( 94) Aug-05-03 18:03 2184265821

I'm completely satisfied with my purchase! Thanks!
Buyer: vegasboxer ( 12) Jul-19-03 18:59 2182312932

Buyer: adrianaworld ( 122) Jun-17-03 01:16 2174412117

Outstanding!!!! Can't wait till Halloween
Buyer: theolebackhouse ( 132) May-30-03 10:50 2170025430

Awesome Halloween decoration!!! Fast shipment!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Buyer: leigh5318 ( 2 ) May-10-03 12:04 2169679485

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